Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Domain

Well, I think I'm ready to post something. I can tell this is going to be a slow learning process! Please bear with me while I try and figure out how to post pictures, etc. The one picture I did post is the road to our place in Green Country. (which I now see is at the bottom of this post) And Green Country is what they call the area of Oklahoma that covers the Northeastern border down to a little South of Muskogee and to the Arkansas border. Not a good explanation, but it has a lot of trees and greenery, lakes and rivers, trout fishing, camping, outdoor activities, etc. We are at the very Southern end of Muskogee County, which is the end of Green Country. We are about 45 miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas, 30+ miles south -ish of Muskogee and 85 miles south-ish of Tulsa. Anyhoo, its beautiful country.

If you can believe it, they brought our mobile home up that steep hill early last summer. All roads around here are dirt and gravel and shale; and hard on your tires. We moved in on the 4th of July last year. It was a lot of work - for my husband - getting everything ready, as the 20 acres had nothing....nada....zilch.....except brush and trees. The well had to be dug- which ended up giving us salty water - which means we drink bottled water; trees and brush had to be cleared so the power company could put in poles and lines, space had to be cleared for the mobile; cement pads had to be made to set the mobile on; and of course the propane had to be piped and put in; water lines run from the well, etc. I've never been through all that before, so it was really a learning experience.

I guess I should tell how we came to be here. My husband lost his job in Wright City, Missouri and my brother and his wife had these 20 acres here in Oklahoma. The plan was the 4 of us would retire here someday; well, someday came sooner than expected for us. It is very life altering to go from 2 incomes to one, but so far we are making do. We live on my SS and retirement, which isn't a lot. My brother and wife are long haul truck drivers with their own truck and they plan on retiring in December. So I am looking forward to having some company then. It is very "alone" up here on the hill.

You know, I think I've rambled on enough for tonight. Hope I haven't bored you. Let me know if you've had similar experiences. Would love to hear from you. Take care and God bless.

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Sonja said...

Looks great, Mom! Keep playing with it and you'll get it figured out. Have fun!