Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Friday!

Good Evening! If you have had a chance to read yesterday's post, you'll see I had quite a time posting the pictures of my Guinea Girls. At one point this morning - trying to fix it - I had double the pictures; who knows, maybe by tomorrow I won't have any! I'm sure there is an easier, faster was to post pictures, but I don't know it yet. I forgot to tell you how you tell girl from boy Guineas: the girls make a 2 syllable noise and the boys only a 1 syllable noise. The girls can imitate the boys but not vice versa! Just a little trivia. :)

After my morning routine I painted some more cupboards and changed the sheets on my bed, and did that load of laundry. Ronnie decided we should go out for supper, so we drove over to Lake Tenkiller and went to Soda Steve's. It's a cute little place at a resort, and they have great food. I had a patty melt and Ronnie had a pork tenderloin sandwich; and of course we had a 1/2 order of cheese fries - but somehow they ended up chili cheese fries - which I don't care for much. We ate most of them anyway, and I brought home 1/2 of my sandwich. You do not leave there hungry!

Ronnie has been going nuts picking blackberries. We have I don't know how many bags in the freezer, and I've made 3 or 4 cobblers so far. Going to have some later tonight with ice cream. It's a good thing. Oh, I know what else I did today........watched the hummingbirds (4 of them) battle each other for a spot at the feeder. They are so small and feisty, and they definitely don't like sharing! Very entertaining. Tomorrow is the Saturday my church has their Clothes Closet open. Once a month (for now) it is open to anyone who wants or needs clothes, and there is no charge. I love volunteering on those Saturdays and seeing people who really need clothes get them. It always bugged me to give my clothes to a charity that turned around and sold them to people. I LIKE GIVING THEM AWAY!!! Kids come in with their Moms and leave with lots of stuff and are smiling all the while. And the donations we have are nice things, some still with tags on them. So, the Lord is working at the First Southern Baptist Church of Gore, OK!! Kudos to our pastor's wife for spearheading the project.

While driving home from supper this evening, I was thinking how blessed I am to be living in such a beautiful country. The wild flowers are in abundance here, and the prairies and meadows are so green and inviting. The cattle and horses are abundant also, and I love to see the cows up to their necks in the ponds, trying to cool off. Birds and butterflies are everywhere too. I so wish more people had the opportunity to live in the country and enjoy God's creations. Of course, I do get upset when I see so much litter on the ground! I say if they would quit making Bud Light beer and McDonald sacks it would cut the litter in half! If people only knew how much they spoil the beauty for others. I could go on, but I'll quit.

I was also thinking how blogging is just like journaling. The difference is you don't have to die and wait for someone to find your journals to read; and it saves on hand cramping from writing. I love it!! I'm going to try to post a picture of our "front" yard for you to see how beautiful and serene it is here on the hill. I don't know if it will be on the top or bottom of this post, but either way, it'll work. :) Okay, I'm done for today; take care and God bless.

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