Friday, May 18, 2012

Back Road Trip


Yesterday was a great day!  We took a "back road trip" in the Jeep, which is all fixed up with new brakes, rotors, pads (whatever), brake lines and a new  master cylinder.   My pride and joy!

We went over 60 miles - round trip - without being on blacktop;  except to cross 2 major highways.  We went from our house to Checotah.  It was great to see new countryside, and houses and cattle, etc.  The only wild creatures we saw were 2 turtles and a road runner!

Also saw lots and lots of these Wild Roses along side the road and leaning on old fences.  So cool; reminded me of reading Little House on the Prairie or a great-grandmother's place.

The trip to Checotah took at least twice as long as going the freeway, but was a lot more fun.  When we got there, we went in to Boomerang, a little restaurant that has wonderful, old fashioned burgers and fries.  I mean the burger patty is hand squished, with rough edges and all.  Ronnie said his was a 4 napkin burger that day; you know how the juice and fat and goop runs out and down your hand and arm to your elbow!

Then on to Atwoods to look for a new pressure canner - with no luck.  So on to good old WalMart and I got a new one a little smaller than the old one I had.  The extension agent said I needed a new pressure gauge on my old one and so I decided I'd just get a new one!  This one has the weighted pressure gauge - no dial - and I'm going to like it better!  Also picked up what few groceries I needed.  Then it was hit the dirt roads again for home!

The only bad part of these trips is the dirt and dust that gets in your hair and on your body!  You cannot even run your fingers through your hair when you get home.  So needless to say, a shower was in order!

That's all I know for now.  Hope you have a great weekend and give some "back road" exploring a try!  Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours.

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