Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keepin' Warm


We have had some trouble with our old furnace, and seem to have had to call the repair man pretty often any more. So.............we splurged and bought a new Trane heat pump!

This is the old furnace run on propane. It was costing about $200+ a month when it was cold outside.


The gas eater is totally out now, sitting in the back yard !

This is the new Trane heat pump outside unit. Our old A/C unit was about ready for the graveyard too, so this solved both problems!

This is the inside unit. Takes up half the space as the old gas furnace and because of that, I gained a new storage space! Ronnie built a shelf on the upper unused portion of the space.

We are now all electric except for the propane cook stove, which I totally hate! But I'm informed that we cannot switch over to electric because we are not wired for those amps required for an electric stove, or some such nonsense. I really think its a case of not wanting to do it! Anyway, so far I'm happy with the heat pump, but it does take some getting used to. Will be interesting to see how it changes our electric bill!

This seems to have been the month for getting new things, and not just for the fun of it! They were things we needed; like a new washing machine and new front brakes on my van. At least my new washer won't eat up my clothes (I hope) and will spin the water out of them so I don't have to wring them out by hand. That alone should save some electricity from less dryer time. And that's the first time I've done brakes on my van (its a 2002) which sounds good to me, and so I'm safe again.

Went into Gore today and got my hair cut. I just couldn't stand all that bulk of hair on the nape of my neck! It's short on the sides and back and long enough to curl the top. Probably a typical old lady hair style! But I like it. February is over and done! Ornamental pear trees are in full bloom as are daffodils; Ronnie spaded up the garden box for radishes, and before you know it the Red Bud trees will be peeking out.

That's all I know for now. Enjoy the last day of this month! Take care and thank God for your blessings.

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