Friday, February 24, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?!


This part of my blog is mainly for my daughter Sonja. I know she will enjoy seeing my new magazine subscription cover! :)

I must be getting really old and senile, subscribing to Martha Stewart!!!!

And here are a couple more pictures of my table runner. I decided to sew some buttons on it to dress it up a bit, so got out my jar of old buttons. I think it looks good!

Had a great day yesterday. Had to go to Checotah to buy groceries and to the Farm Supply store to buy some Skunk Odor Remover for Salli, so stopped by my friend Kathy's on the way. Had coffee and caught up on their remodeling job and her trip to Wisconsin in January when her father passed on. Also stopped at the Mission Store (thrift) and looked around. Didn't find any good deals though. Before I knew it I'd been gone 5 hours! And when I got home I was extremely worn out. My old hips and legs can't take all that movement anymore! Such is life.......

That's all I know for now. Until next time, take care and God bless.

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