Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Things Good - Some Not So Much


Well, yesterday was supposed to be my big first day of quilting class. As it turns out, it was my first and last day! I paid my $5 and met some nice ladies and then it began. The class was to make a quilt, and the teacher would not alter her plan any for me - which I can understand - and therefore, the class was not what I wanted. I did not want to make a "blanket"; rather, I wanted to learn the art of actually stitching or "quilting". I think the word quilting is applied mainly to a blanket, and therefore deceiving! Anyway, we were given handouts telling what tools we would need, how much material we would need, etc. It would have been easily $100 to get started, and I could not spend that kind of money then even if I had wanted to make a blanket!! I did learn some things about measuring and cutting and sewing pieces, which will be helpful. But otherwise, I guess I'll go it alone and make do using the Internet and trial and error as a teacher! Oh, also at the beginning of the class the teacher asked what kind of sewing machines we all had, and said it really didn't matter as long as it wasn't one of those cheap things from WalMart. Well, guess what kind of sewing machine I have???!! When she got to me I told her what I had and she did some fancy back-paddling! :) Too funny. Another OH! After you had spent a sizeable amount on tools and materials to make this "quilt", you had to hire someone to machine quilt it! Or search for someone who hand quilted, which I'm beginning to think is few and far between.

So, I am kind of disappointed, but I will continue on doing my own thing, and as long as I enjoy doing what I can, what difference does it make?!

Here is my new head board for my bed! I finally got the red rose decals sanded off the black paint earlier this week, and Ronnie got it spray painted for me yesterday. He spent a couple hours getting it to this point, having to adjust and make brackets to fasten it to. Also had to find different size threaded bolts and still need a couple. So it is away from the wall a little because it wobble some until we get to the hardware store and get more bolts. It sure make the bed look different. I love it.

That's all I know for today. The weekend is coming so hope you all have a good one. Thoughts and prayers to my cousin Joe in Alabama, waiting in pain for kidney stone removal procedure. Until next time, take care and God bless.


OurCrazyFarm said...

Have you discovered the blog "Crazy Mom Quilts"? She has some great tutorials on there~ free:))

Ardith said...

Thanks Teri, I'll give it a try!