Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apples & Pies - Oh My!


I bought these beautiful apples yesterday to make a pie. They were $1.67 a pound; there are 6 apples and it cost me over $6.00 for them. And the refrigerated pie crust was another $2 something, so that makes my pie cost at least $8.00!! (Even if I made my own pie crust it would be costly.)Whatever happened to going out and picking some apples and making a pie?!
I have been in Oklahoma for 3 years now and have not seen 1 apple tree!

Can you tell I'm a Washington State girl, where apples are abundant???????

That's all I know for now, other than I'm still quilting on my table runner!
Until next time, take care and may God bless you with some apples!! :)

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