Friday, January 20, 2012

Road Trip Treasures


After we discovered Belle Starr's "home" on our road trip, we continued on to the little "wide spot in the road" town of Whiteside. They have a pretty big "junk" yard/store there, with stuff sitting all around outisde and rows of stuff inside. So of course we had to stop and do some digging!

I've been looking for an old metal headboard for my double bed for about a year now, and my goodness! I found it outside leaning up agains the wall. Of course I'll have to refinish it, but that's half the fun! Right now its black with red rose decals on it..........yuck.

I also found a bunch more baskets inside, way in the back. Had to dump some junk out of some of them, but what a find. They were really cheap, and you never know when you'll wish you had a basket to put something in!
Here's some of them..............................

These two I've already put to use in the kitchen: one for bananas and one for tomatoes!

Ronnie found a baby stroller with the kind of wheels he's been wanting to use to make himself a new gun cart. So we both got stuff.........yay!!

After loading up, we continued on the Stigler and did some grocery shopping at WalMart and Shelton's, and stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. Ronnie has been looking for real, home-made tamales for a long time, and lo and behold, he found them! We've decided this is our new favorite Mexican restaurant. And the name of it is -- Reubens! How crazy is that?! Anyway, it was very good, the waitresses were very friendly, and I'm sure we will go there again. Oh, you can also order tamales to take home for $8.95 a dozen; but you have to give 2 days notice! That's fair...

After all that, we headed for home and the task of putting everything away. I was tired, but it was a fun day. I'm glad my husband likes to do road trips!

Until next time, take care and God bless you.

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Sonja said...

Sounds like a great "junk" store! I love those kind of stores. Do you watch American Pickers on TV. I think you would like it.