Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girls Day Out


I am so slow in posting about my great "girls day out" I can't believe it. Last Thursday, a week ago tomorrow, my friend Judy and I met for lunch. We went to Duke's Diner in Warner, OK. A nice little Mom & Pop place in a small town. The food was good and the conversation was even better. It's amazing how one misses actual oral conversation with a real person! All this email, facebook and twitter stuff just doesn't cut it if you ask me!

While we were eating and talking, a woman with 3 little boys - a set of twins about 4and another boy about 8 or so - came in and sat next to us. I have never seen such well behaved children - boys especially - in a restaurant! They were very quiet, no fighting, no boisterous or loud talking, etc. I made it a point to let the woman know how impressed I was with her children; and she was very pleased.

After lunch we went to a huge shop called Country Boy to look around. They have anything and everything you could want to furnish/accessorize your home - especially in a Western motif. They have Fiesta ware - expensive, jewelry, antiques, linens and things, hand made wooden, Western style furniture, a huge room of cowboy boots, etc. AND, I found the barn star I've been wanting to add to the outside of our mobile. See below.

These are pictures of the stars I put up on one end of our house when we moved in.
I thought they were looking kind of lonely, and the other end of the house kind of bare! So...............

This is the BIG barn star I bought at the Country Boy store. I had Ronnie hang it at the opposite end of the house for balance. It looks pretty good to me. I should have gotten back further and took a picture of the whole front, but I didn't! Anyway, I'm a happy camper.

After shopping there, we went to the library. For a very small town, they have a very nice library. I got a library card and checked out 3 books so I'm set for a couple weeks. It is soooooo different than when I was a kid. I was looking inside the books for the card to tell me when they were due, and there was nothing. Then when I opened the book I started today, there inside the cover was a "receipt" just like when you use your Debit card, with the names of the books and the due date.

And that was the end of a very delightful day. We promised to do that type of thing once a month, and I so hope we do. I hope you all take time to have close and personal get togethers with your friends. It's another blessing from our Father.....
Until next time, take care and God bless. Have a nice weekend.

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Sonja said...

I love the weekly gathering I have with friends...and it's all in the name of getting our kids together! :)