Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Toy


A couple of weeks ago Ronnie and Tom were out riding their 4 wheelers. Tom had just bought a used one so he and Ronnie could go riding and they were out having fun. BUT, on the way back home Ronnie's broke down -- engine blew up is more like it! So naturally Ronnie was not a happy camper. You know how men are with their toys -or lack thereof. Anyway, finally this week he got a replacement.

This is it. In all it's glory! Brand spankin' new (and reasonably priced). He had to drive to Oklahoma City to get it, but what the heck. What's 3 or 4 hundred miles. :) Oh yeah, when he was almost back home - within 40 miles or so - he blew a tire on the now we have to buy a new tire - or 2. Ain't life grand?? But it's worth it to see such a happy face :) on a grown man! And have a way to get the mail when the road is washed out..........

We've been having some pretty hot weather for a few days and looks like it will continue for another week or more. 93 today - felt like 96 - so you can see that the dog days of summer are here! I mean, just look at these guys..........

That's it from atop Winter's Holler. Time to thank the Lord for all the wonderful things he does for us and count our blessings. Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Boys and their toys! Looks like fun! Our son, Cole, is working hard to earn a dirt bike.... I think the toys just get bigger as the boys get bigger:)) Loved your tattoo comment:)) So fun to hear you have two!! I'll have to tell Rob!