Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Weekend


Monday is here once again. So far it's been good. As was our weekend.............

I went to the cowboy shoot with Ronnie on Saturday. Even though it was extremely hot and humid, it was nice to visit with my friend Kathy and listen and watch the men pretend to be 1860's era cowboys! They do have fun with their "target practice"!
After that was over we went in to town to buy groceries at WalMart and stopped at Atwood's (farm supply) to get another bottle of fly spray for my donkeys. Was a full, busy, hot day; but it was nice to spend the day with my husband.

Yesterday about Noon he pipes up and says he's going to take a shower and then go on a road trip. Would I like to go? I said where are you going and he said it was a surprise; I said how long you going to be gone and he said he didn't know. Well, of course I decided to go. He told me I'd better change my pants - from shorts to Capris, so I did, and away we went! We had a great trip taking back roads all the way to Fort Smith, Arkansas (about 50+ miles). Then stopped there at Panera's for lunch/early supper. It is my favorite place to eat and I don't get to go there very often as that is the closest one. I had my yummy French Onion soup and 1/2 a sandwich. What a great surprise and treat; especially since Ronnie does not like to go there! Then it was home on different back roads and it was a really fun day seeing new country and little towns and cattle, etc. The good old Sunday drive; but we don't do that too often with the gas prices like they are! It really was a marvelous weekend.

And that brings me to today and my daily morning ritual of feeding Eeyore and Jenny some carrots and spraying the fly repellant on them. Well, on Eeyore.........Jenny is not real cooperative; but then the flies don't seem to bother her like they do him. His ears and legs and face are just awful looking with blood scabs from the horse fly bites. Makes me want to cry. Aren't they just cute?

The wild flowers here in Oklahoma are amazing! There seem to be so many different kinds, and they grow in bunches! I call these brown eyed Susans. This is across the driveway from the donkeys pasture, but they are everywhere really.

This is just a close up of the "Susans"........................................

And these are little, tiny daisies. Really the cutest things.

This is my little Geranium I bought for about $1.50. Ronnie feeds it Miracle Gro and its doing great. It's in an old holey tin pot that was his Grandma's. Oh, don't miss my "dragonfly" in the corner. Hand made by a dear friend.........

So, that's my story and I'm stickin to it! We are in for another record breaking week of high 90's. We did get a little bit of rain Saturday night with some thunder and lightening, but not near enough. I hope you all had as nice a weekend as I did. It was sure something to thank the Lord for!

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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Paula said...

Beautiful pictures of the flowers, Ardith~ love the colors! Eeyore and Jenny are adorable.
Don't you jut love day trips? My hubby and I take one whenever we can, and it's so nice to be gone all day and then be in your own comfy bed that night.