Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I Love Oklahoma


Yesterday I posted pictures of our "neighborhood" and didn't get these included. So I thought I'd finish up and then be done with it..............for a while! :)

This is the road I most often take to "town". As you can see, a creek runs across it. What doesn't show very well is that it creates quite a dip in the road, and if it's been raining hard, I can't take my van through it because it's too deep. Going about to the 2nd white post on the short fence on the right.

This is a great picture of the wide "open" spaces! If you see waaayy in the background the dark ridge, starting far left, that's where we live - up on top. This picture is about 3 miles from home, looking South.

This is a continuation of the picture above, moving to the right. There is just something about the open spaces here that melt my heart! Love it.

It's somewhat cooler today, being in the high 80's. North of us they got some bad weather last night, and we were hoping to get some of the rain but it didn't happen. Not much going on today except laundry and de-flying the donkeys! Hope you are having a great day. I give thanks to the Lord for all that He has given me; and I sometimes need to work harder at defining/recognizing those things!

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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