Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rattlesnake Mountain


This is the sign on the fence post at the entrance to the shooting range. Some of Kathy's handy work. She is very talented and crafty and bakes good cookies!!

Just had to post the picture of the new "store front" up on Rattlesnake Mountain. As you may recall, that is where Ronnie goes to shoot with his SASS group of Rattlesnake Mtn Rangers. His friend Jack, who owns the range/mountain is building the fronts; Ronnie goes to help him quite often.

I think when Kathy gets done with her handy work you will know this is a general store right out of the old west days. Can't wait for the finished product.

Well, Frick and Frack went to town early this morning to get propane for the 5th wheel. Then came home for a bit and took off again for Muskogee. Haven't seen them for about 3 or 4 hours now. Who knows when they'll come home, and what they'll bring with them! I'm sure glad they have each other to ramble with. I know I enjoy the peace and quiet, and I bet Mary does too!

Went to Sallisaw WalMart yesterday to do my weekly shopping. Had to buy a new French coffee press and some 8 O'Clock brand Arabaca coffee. I guess I'll donate the 2 pounds I bought last weekend at Sam's Club to the church. I just don't like it - ground too fine and tastes "burnt" to me. Got stuff for Ronnie to make a pot of chili Friday and can hardly wait. He makes the best chili........ The produce department is sure lacking these days. They don't have a lot of stuff - like Kale, rutabagas, turnips, Yukon gold potatoes, etc. - and what they do have is kind of old and wilty! Oh for Spring and Summer! Oh well, still managed to spend too much.

I'm still upset about the shootings in Arizona. What a waste of life. And then to use it to bring up gun control again. I used to be anti-gun, but lately I'm thinking more people should legally carry weapons and perhaps crimes like this one could have been stopped before it reached these proportions. You never know.

I'm starting (reading) a new book today called Danzig Passage. It's a fictional account of a couple helping to save lives during the Holocaust. I believe even tho some stories about it are fictional, they hold more truth than people know. I've read several autobiographies about it, and it's hard to think that people could match the truth in fiction. I'm not sure I said that right, but you know what I mean. The Holocaust is a time in history that fascinates me and I find it so hard to grasp the reality of it. And to think that I was born during that time - 1944. It is a time we must never forget, or let fall by the wayside; and we must be sure all future generations know of it.

I guess I've rattled on enough for one day. Take care and God Bless.


~mel said...

Hi there! I was out blog hoppin' and just happened to land on here. I really enjoyed the visit and became a follower.
LOVE the sign and the store front!! So ... are there rattlesnakes there?

Ardith said...

Yes Mel, there are rattlesnakes; mostly in the summer. It is Oklahoma after all! :)
Thanks for stopping by and following!