Monday, January 17, 2011

My Litter Soap Box


Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted. Guess that tells you that not much is going on around here! The cat's fine, the dogs are fine, no wayward critters have come to visit, the weather's okay, etc. So what does one talk about?

Well today I decided to do something about my "favorite" pet peeve.....LITTER! This picture below is how a dirt/gravel country road should look..........

This picture is how one spot of the road looked today. I have driven by this mess numerous times and complained each time. So today I decided I'd pick up trash on 1.3 miles of the dirt road - the closest to our place.

This is the result of me spending 2 hours hopping in and out of the car, picking up trash and cursing the people who have no regard for our beautiful countryside.

I got two 30 gallon garbage bags and a good sized cardboard box full of litter. Mostly beer cans/bottles, and soda and water bottles, but there were lots of styrofoam cups from McDonalds and KFC and other places, disposable diapers, plastic bags, cigarette packages, etc. Oh, even a deflated basketball and some plastic bottles for car oil. I even got 7 cans of unopened beer! Maybe the cops were after those kids!!!! and they had to ditch it.

Anyway, that really doesn't begin to address the problem here in the Oklahoma countryside. I'm sure other states are bad also, but it just seems to jump out at me more here in Oklahoma. It even makes me mad at Busch beer - as that's almost solely the kind of beer boxes and cans thrown out. I'd like to say "this Bud's for you" and put it where the sun don't shine in the corporate office! Ohhhh, I guess I'd better quit.......I'm getting riled up again. :)

So how was your day? Take care and God Bless.


carolina nana said...

Around here we have an adopt a highway plan where business's or groups such as boy scouts,etc. agree to keep sections of our roads clean. The county or state,I'm not sure which, registers your section and puts up nice signs that have your name on them. It helps some but litter is always an unsightly problem.
You're a sweet lady to go out there and clean up.
Have a blessed day.

Sonja said...

Good job! We could all stand to take a little more action when we see its needed. Thanks for being our role model! :)