Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comfort Food


What to do on a chilly January day? Make comfort a slow cooker full of stew. I forgot to take a picture of the buttermilk biscuits when they came out of the oven! But that was what's for supper tonight as Rachel Ray would say.

And I found this bag of frozen blackberries in the freezer and thought I should make a big blackberry cobbler for dessert tonight. I tell ya, it doesn't pay to be bored around this place......makes you fat(ter)!

And this is the finished product. Didn't get quite enough sugar in it, but that's easy to fix with a sprinkle or two or a big blob of cool whip!

We are supposed to get a cold front for all next week, where the day time temps will NOT get above freezing! And maybe a little snow on Sunday night or Monday. Wonder what I'll cook then? :) Frick and Frack worked down at the "tin can" sight this afternoon, readying it for the cement that is coming in the morning. This will be fore the base to set the containers on. After that sets then they can begin to move the containers in to place. That will really be a job, and I'll keep you posted. Might get some good pics when that happens!

Well, my favorite show starts with new episodes tonight so I'd better get ready.
Hope you all have a great night. Take care and God Bless. And count those blessings!

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Sonja said...

Good pics! Keep it up. Seems like you're getting into a habit of taking pics.