Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November is Here!


Hurray for November. I just love this month! As much or more than October (my birthday month), and I think it's because the colors of Fall are really kicking in AND it's Thanksgiving time, my favorite Holiday, outside of the birth of Jesus. The picture below is just a little Fall vignette I put on the counter between the living room and dining room. It's a good thing for November. And I think in December I'll use it to display my collection of old world Santas.

This picture I love because it reminds me of the trees blushing with embarrassment at shedding their "clothes" so to speak! Soon they will be naked and waiting through the long winter months for Spring to bring them a new suit of clothes.

And this is my little bird sanctuary, with the new bird feeder and suet block hanging in the lower branches of the tree. And the bird bath I got from the storage trailer today. It was my first venture into that trailer (you can see it in the background of this picture), and I was amazed at the things I'd forgotten about that are in there! Alas, the thing I was looking for I didn't find, but for now the birdbath will do! So far I've not had any birds come to eat, but I'm watching!

O Took Sallie in for her 2nd round of shots yesterday and she gained 12+
pounds in the last month! Little piggy.

O Ronnie put the new weather stripping around the front door today and it is nice
and tight and you can't see daylight anymore!

O My youngest daughter drove from Seattle to Portland,OR to get her hair done
in Dreadlocks! They do look pretty nice......

O Had some rain today........the grass loved it and so did the dogs. Nothing
like a good romp in the mud!

O That's all for now. Take care and God Bless you.

O Excuse the way this text came out. Don't know how to fix it! aarrggh


carolina nana said...

I hate when my PC takes on a mind of its own.
Love your fall display
Have a blessed evening

Sonja said...

Cute display! You really should add that your "youngest" daughter is 39! ;)