Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid Week


This is the "thing" I was looking for yesterday out in the storage trailer. Ronnie went out today and found it buried way up in the front I'm so happy he found it. I bought this a few years back, and it used to hang over my piano. I loved it for an "architectural" piece. Since there are mirrors behind the piano now, I can't put it there and had to find a different spot. I took down a mirror I had hanging in this space and made room for my "church window". I love it.

And this is something I glued together the other day. It was/is my favorite tea cup, with little violets on it. The cup had 2 big chips in it so I decided rather than throw it out, I'd glue it and the saucer together. Now it can either be a bird feeder outside or a candle holder inside! Aren't I just clever? :) Now I just need to buy me a candle I think.

O Sorry for the blurry pictures. I'm using a different camera and I haven't
mastered it yet. Ronnie says I'm too close to the object I'm taking a picture of.
I'll work on it.

O My youngest daughter commented on yesterday's blog post, saying she thought I
should let you all know she is 39 years old. I guess she thinks that will make
a difference with her getting dreadlocks, which they call "happy" locks! Done.

O Oklahoma had a historical election yesterday; we have our first woman governor.
It was bound to be a woman as there were 2 women running. This one is Republican.

O Today is very blue sky and sunshine and temp of around 60. Nice but chilly in
the morning. Night time temps coming in the 30's. Brrrrrr

O As my friend Judy says: That's all I know. Take care and God Bless. :)

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carolina nana said...

What a great idea with the cup and saucer.
I like your church window,looks like something I would have hanging in my house.
Have a blessed tomorrow