Monday, November 15, 2010

Rattlesnake Mountain Rangers


Well, it finally happened.........Saturday I went to a cowboy shoot with Ronnie. It is totally an understatement to say that he has an obsessive passion about this hobby of his, and that he cares more for it than me! But hey, you know what? It's better than hanging out in the bars all the time! :) Anyway, it was a very nice November day and it was the first shoot at this range and it was interesting and fun.

This old snag of a tree marks the beginning of the range/shooting area, and when the building fronts are finished it will look like a street in an old West town. This is where Ronnie goes to help his buddy build the fronts, etc.

This - above and below - is part of the "posse" getting their instructions and preparing to salute the flag, etc. There were 14 "cowboys/cowgirls" at the shoot.

This is a shot of the targets at one of the "stages". They are made of iron. You see, the whole object of the shoot is to hit the targets as directed in the scenario and do it in record time. At the end, it is tallied and you know who shot the fastest and with the most accuracy.

And to my mind, this was the best part of the whole thing! This is the bathroom. They made it out of a garden type shed and put a toy box like bench inside with a hole cut in for a toilet seat and a bag to catch the "business" and a can of cedar shavings to put on top of it when you are done. It's a green, compost toilet and is wonderful!! Very clever. And the sign is cute too.

These people have gone to great expense - financially and physically - to bring about this range for the "cowboys" who love to shoot. They are to be commended. And Kathy, my new friend and wife of the head cowboy owner, even makes cookies and coffee and hot chocolate for the boys to eat! Who could ask for anything more? I'm sure I will be going again; as long as the weather is tolerable. Although they do have a nice metal garage up and a big, tall propane patio heater in it!

That's all I know. Happy Trails to you! Take care and God bless.

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carolina nana said...

Glad you enjoyed the shoot. That looks like a very nice place.
Have a blessed tomorrow