Monday, November 8, 2010

Shopping Day


Ahhhhh, Monday, and things to laundry, grocery shopping, burning paper stuff, feeding critters, etc. Pretty typical for Monday, but the weather is so wonderful it just makes you not care about doing chores! It was around 73 and very sunny today.... perfect really. So we decided to go to Checotah WalMart and do our weekly shopping. That's less than 30 miles one way, so not bad. As I was driving down the main street I saw a sign that said "PECANS FOR SALE" and an arrow pointing to the right. I couldn't turn that corner fast enough! We got down to the street and found the place with the old farmers hardware store. They were in a garbage can in the middle of the floor, cracked, for $2 a pound. Well, we bought 5 pounds and went on our merry way.

That's Ronnie sitting at the kitchen table cracking a few. I have to watch him because he eats more than he puts in the container! I remember the last time we had pecans like that, and my Mom was still alive and living with us. She wanted to help, and she did, but we were always picking shells out of the nuts. Her eyesight wasn't too good, in fact she really could only see out of one eye. It was kind of like her potato salad, it wasn't Mom's salad unless you found an egg shell in it! :) God rest her soul! Now Ronnie says I have to put some egg shell in the potato salad when I make it so it will be like Moms! Oh well, I'd best move on and finish the nut story...... I've been using a lot of walnuts in my baking lately, and they are soooo expensive; and I was complaining about it too, so that's why it was so cool to find the pecans for cheap. And after looking at nuts in WalMart, Ronnie decided he was going back to the hardware store and buy more pecans instead of spending $2.89 for mixed nuts in the shell and $4 or $5 for shelled walnuts. We get back there and they were all gone! A little old lady we held the door for on our way out with our nuts had bought all the rest!! Oh well, they said they would have more tomorrow afternoon so Ronnie will try again on Wednesday when he has to go that way.

Our trip in WalMart was expensive!! We spent over $300 and that's a new high for us.
Of course we bought a new, bigger powered microwave, Ronnie got new tennis shoes, I got 2 new $5 bras (yippee), some splatter screens for cooking, cat and dog food, a lot of baking stuff, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Oh, I forgot, we also got our turkey breast for Thanksgiving. And then all the normal stuff. All not cheap! Anyway, we shouldn't have to buy food stuff for quite awhile. Then of course, we had to bring it home and I had to find a place to put it all! My pantry cupboard is stuffed full; but maybe with some cleaning and re-organizing it will be better.

I did take some time to look for a pair of slacks that would fit me better than what I have. This not having a butt anymore is really a problem! The new slacks I bought a week or so ago are even bagging so I'm on the lookout again. I'm getting really close to looking for a fake butt! I may have found some, but didn't try them on as I knew Ronnie was wandering around and was probably getting antsy. But I'll go back by myself one day and try them on.

Now I'm exhausted so I think I'll close for tonight. Oh, today is our anniversary...
12 years of fussin' and fightin'. I thank the Lord for giving me the courage and strength to keep at it; who knows, maybe we'll make another 12.

Take care and God Bless.

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