Friday, August 2, 2013

From Gazebo to Screened Room


This is a short story which kind of reflects how my Summer has been...........

Early on - late Spring - I decided I wanted a gazebo.  So I ordered a "garden gazebo" from on-line.  It was 10 x 10, an aluminum frame, had a cute cupalo on top,  and 4 screen walls that zipped up the middle for ease of getting in and out.  My husband put it up, once we decided where it should go, in nothing flat.  At the time I had a bad cold so I wasn't out using it yet, but I dreamed of sitting out there cutting up T-shirts for my rugs, reading, drinking iced tea, etc.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it.  A few days after putting it up, we had a BIG wind come through the back yard.  When I looked out in the morning, my gazebo was laying on the ground!  Frame all bent - non-repairable.  So I was upset both because I never got to use it and because there was over $200 down the drain!! 

These pictures are of the screened room addition my husband built me, using the sides from the defunct gazebo! 


As you can see, it's an extension of our back porch.  It is very sturdy and has a metal roof to match the house and porch.  It is 10 x 10 so we could use the screen sides from the gazebo, which really turned out great.  Inside I have a table and 2 chairs and a lounge chair and some plants and of course a fan!  All told, what with lumber, metal roofing, nails and screws, cement blocks, and the money spent on the gazebo (!!) it cost about $900+  to build.  Doesn't look like it, but supplies are not cheap.  Plus we bought a little extra to extend a part of the back porch so we could move the BBQ out of the way and put a roof cover over the ramp up to the porch from the yard.
I have enjoyed it, but not to the fullest because the weather has been in the high 90's most of the time and very humid.  Much nicer to stay inside in the A/C!  But I keep hoping that we'll have a nice Fall and I can make better use of it.  It also does a pretty darned good job of keeping the flies and bugs out!  Such is life on the hill.............
Until next time, take care.

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