Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Been Two "Of Those Days" !!


You know the old saying, "It's been one of those days"?  Well we've had two of those days!  I don't really know where to start, but will just jump in I guess...........who cares if its in chronological order!!

This is my laundry room, and the appliance in front is my NEW dryer, piled high with tools and stuff.  Yesterday morning I went to clean the lint filter on my old dryer and found that the lint in it was all wet!  Then I opened the dryer door and there was water inside!  I called my husband and he had no idea what could cause that, so his solution was to just go buy a new one!  So we did.
On the way to the appliance store I thought maybe if the dryer vent hose was plugged it would make the inside of the dryer wet because the water from the clothes couldn't escape.  Sounded good, but ....

So when we got home and got the new dryer installed, we noticed that the hot water heater was leaking; and it had leaked all over the floor and ground under the mobile.  All that moisture is probably what condensed in to the dryer?!  Anyway, husband had to make a trip to Lowe's (about 80 miles round trip) to buy a new water heater.  It was too late to do all the removal and installation so it all went on hold until today.

And this is our deep freeze that sits in front of the door that covers the water heater space!  So of course, it had to come out and sit in the hallway in front of the back door!  Overnight!!  Along with the cat litter box, paper trash can, outside shoe basket, etc.  And of course, since the water had to be shut off to stop the leaking, we had no water.

So here's a few of the dirty dishes stacked up!  And below are a couple of jugs of water we had on hand.  Also used for hand washing and toilet flushing and animal drinking!

So husband gets the new water heater in, has to make a run to a hardware store for some parts, gets it to stop leaking and ready for action.  But guess what?!  Our city water line had a break and so we are without water - - again!!  Somewhere around 3:30 p.m. we get water back, with hardly any pressure.  In the meantime, the water has heated and I can get the dishes done.  And somewhat later, we get a little more decent pressure!  So we are back to normal................YAY.

These last 2 days reminded me of how it was 4 years ago when we moved up here on the "hill".  I'm glad those days are over --  at least most of the time!  :)  I'm looking forward to a "normal" day tomorrow!  Until next time, take care.

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