Thursday, July 25, 2013

My New Hobby


I've been meaning to share my new hobby with you all for quite some time now.  I've been doing this "hobby" since sometime last winter, and I am really "hooked" on it!   I crochet rag rugs out of old T-shirts!  I've lost count of how many rugs I've made and how many T-shirts I've cut up, but it's a lot!!  I sent one Granddaughter 2 rugs, two grandsons each one, 2 daughters each one, my best friend one, my husband has one by the bed, and on and on.

I kept wishing that there was something I could do with all my old T-shirts that had grease stains, etc. on them, and were otherwise still good!  Being miserly I guess.  Anyway, I searched on line and got some inspiration and instructions and away I went!  It' had been quite sometime since I crocheted so I needed my friend Kathy to refresh my memory ~ she did a great job by the way!

This is my supply basket!  Each ball of color represents a T-shirt that has been cut in to strips of fabric about 1/2 inch wide.  The amount of "yarn" you get depends on the size of the T-shirt!  I've cut some 4 X sizes and it takes forever and you get a huge ball!  As you can see, my supply is kind of low at present, and not a whole lot of variation in colors.  I need to get with it and visit some more 2nd hand clothing stores and missions, etc and get more shirts.  I've gotten a little picky since starting:  No side seams or pockets, little or no logos, not too stretchy material, etc.  In the beginning I got a bunch for 25 cents a shirt at a place, but haven't been that lucky since.  But still, the cost is minimal, and especially when friends clean out their closets and dressers!
This is a mat I'm working on to put on the loveseat to keep the animal hair off of it!  My dog Salli likes to sneak a few winks on it during the night, and the cat likes to lay there also.  A piece of newspaper keeps the cat off, but not the dog, and it looks funky. So I thought a "mat" would do the trick.  It's folded in half, so is actual longer; and I've got about 6 more rows (or 5 inches) of black to do and it should be done.  Will post when done.

This is my very first attempt.  It was not very big and I sent it to my granddaughter as it was the colors of her new bedroom.  Since this one, I've gone to oblong or rectangle rugs as it is way too hard to keep the round ones round!  lol  I haven't found a pattern to follow, it just says to increase as you see fit; and I guess I don't see too well!!

So, I've been doing this most all Winter, Spring and Summer.  I think I'm hooked!  I taught my good friend Judy how to do it and we have great times going T-shirt hunting!

Until next time, take care.  I hope you have a hobby you adore and can share with others.

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lil red hen said...

This sounds like an excellent hobby! I have considered using the farmer's old flannel shirts to crochet some rugs for the back doors. He wears out the collars! My main hobby is quilting but I'm giving it a rest for a while. By the way, I love the knowledge of an older woman ~ I'm 72 lol.