Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Rough Few Days


A lot has been happening around the old homestead the last few days, and not all of it good!  A week ago I woke up with a terrible case of the hives!  I have no idea what caused them, but I was surely miserable.  Finally on day 4 of the pain and itching I went to the doctor and got some relief in the way of a steroid shot, some steroid pills to take and some kind of ointment to apply.  They are about cleared up now, and I hope they don't come again for quite some time!  If I hadn't had the Shingles vaccination I would have thought that's what I had; but the doctor assured me they weren't Shingles.

The good thing was the peach cobbler I made from the $12 bunch of peaches we got last week!  It was really tasty, and even more so when I put a few fresh, sliced, peaches on top of each serving!  And some cool whip of course!!  I think there are just enough peaches left to slice and have a few in a bowl.............. I hate to say it, but I think it's cheaper to buy them in a can!  Not as good, but cheaper!
Another bad thing is we got up Monday morning to no water!  So this is the 2nd day without water.  Thank goodness we had about 9 or 12 gallons of Culligan water from when we used to have to buy our drinking water, and have been surviving on that.  However, it's getting low and the animals and roosters are taking their share.  Not to mention a shower would be nice, and it's messing with my Monday laundry day!   My husband just came in and told me the water is fixed and back on.  Oh JOY!   We are at the end of the water line and have trouble quite often.  I guess this time a pipe collapsed or got crushed or something and they had to replace it.
So with that good news, I think I'll quit for today and get busy!  What to do first???????????  Shower, brush my teeth, wash my hair, wash some clothes, do some dishes............................................the possibilities are endless!!  LOL
Until next time, take care and have a good week.

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