Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day After


Here it is the day after Valentine's Day and all is well!  Two of my daughters have/had wedding anniversaries close to Valentine's Day, and I wish them many more.  As for me and my husband, we celebrated the day with a "Happy Valentine's Day" in the morning and that was it!  Well, we did cook a "special" supper.............T-bone steaks and little lobster tails and finished off a bottle of wine we opened sometime before Thanksgiving!  The steak was tough and the lobster was about 4 small bites.  The wine was good, but I think next year we'll just go out somewhere!  :)  Must be a sign of getting older!  ha

I hope you all made the most of the special day, and had a great time.


I should tell you about our two bottles of wine - 1 Black Currant and 1 Black Cherry.   Back in September of October we went to our favorite place to buy pecans.  (See the red bag below.)  They were the same price, $20 for 10 pounds, and you can choose cracked, semi-cracked or almost shelled, all for the same price.  Just depends on how much work you want to do!  Anyway, when we got to the "farm" there was a new sign saying "Briar Patch Winery".  Needless to say, our interest was peaked and so we entered in to the building that previously was a big pecan operation area, and there was the "micro" winery!  I fell in love with the name and label on the bottles - Briar Patch Winery in where else but Briartown, Oklahoma!

The couple that own the winery are so friendly.  We got the complete "tour" of the winery and of course sat at the tasting bar to sample all the different kinds.  It all started because the doctor told the owner that he should have a glass of wine each night for health reasons; so he decided to make his own!  I don't know how many different kinds he has made, but there are several - one even with onions!  And he has decorated the inside of the old metal building "barn" so darned cute I couldn't believe it was the same place!  They have had several people come in wanting to rent the space for meetings, weddings, etc.  Some world travelers have even told them their wine was as good as some French wines they had in France!  And the best part's only $13 a bottle!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  You just never know what you're going to find!
Today was a good Friday.  The only had to do thing was change sheets, then it was off to Checotah for chicken feed and dog food and a couple items from WalMart.  And of course a stop at Boomerang for a greasy 1/2 pound hamburger and fries for Ronnie and a real Reuben and onion rings for me.  Don't have to cook tonight!  :)  Fill the gas tank in the van to the tune of $3.49 a gal, and stop at the eye doctor's to fix one of the nose pieces on my glasses and then to the post office to mail a bill. 
And I think that's all for today!  Until next time, take care...........

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Paula said...

Those "micro" wineries are great! We have a friend that started one and he gave us a bottle of the most amazing blackberry wine ever.
Sounds like our Valentine's celebration~ at home with the animals and I think we had spaghetti. Oh well, it was fun! (And cheap! *haha*)