Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random Stuff Over the Months


Since it was such a long time between September and January postings, I have a few pictures of things that were going on.   They may not be interesting to you, but at the time I saw some reason to snap a picture!  :)  I'll share a few of them and try to make a meaningful caption!  lol

But first:  I've been having a hard time this past week with my Salli dog.  She had been throwing up almost as soon as she eats.  It had been going on for over a week so I finally took her to the Vet last Monday.  The put her out to check her throat and see if there were any foreign objects in it, took some xrays of something, did some blood work, etc.  All came back normal!  So they gave her some pill for vomiting and kep her for 3 days observing.  I brought her home on Thursday with a packet of pills for controling the vomiting and a bottle of liquid worm medicine to give her for 5 days.  She doesn't seem to have these stomach worms that you can't see, but the med is a precaution just in case.  Anyway, I give her a pill 30 minutes before she eats, twice a day, and cut her food down to 1/2 a cup each time.   And if she eats the smallest bit w/o the pill, up it comes!   It worked for awhile, but not always.  And sometimes, like this morning, she won't eat at all!  The Vet has no idea what the problem is, nor do I.  But I'm getting tired of cleaning up puke.  Although it's better than cleaning up poop!  She doesn't act sick in any other way.  Sure is a mystery.  I don't know how long this can go on...........  So if any one has had a similar experience please let me know.

And then there is my rooster, George...........he has no feathers on his breast at all!!  I mean they are all plucked out!  And lots of his tail feathers are gone and his butt is exposed!  And the weather is freezing at night and not very warm during the day.  I think George is stressed out or something.  He is so funny looking, and fun to watch.  He struts around like he's King of the Road!  The 3 hens seem okay though.  Today might be George's last day................

So here are some pictures of the past few months...................

This is the first egg from my chickens on Dec. 29th.  I'd waited months!!

People were surprised that they would start laying the end of December, when the days are darker and shorter, since the hens like more daylight to do their thing!  And for awhile it was just one hen doing the laying @ one every other day.  Sometimes there would be 3 every other day (busy hen) and now there are more than one laying (I only have 3) and it averages 1 egg a day.  So we save em up and then have omelets or fried eggs/breakfast for supper!
Here is a picture of Rooster George with his chest hanging out!  the white area in front if his bare skinned breast!

This is Buffy, one of my 3 hens.  The other two are Lucy and Ethyl.
This morning I have done up the dishes from yesterday (we went out to supper last night) and frosted a cake I made yesterday.  Now I guess it's time to go vaccuum and mop the kitchen.  Plan on making a nice pot of soup today with some ground turkey and veggies.  Busy, busy!
So, have a great weekend and I'll blog some more next week.  Hope you don't get to bored with all the football stuff on TV tomorrow!  :)    Until next time, take care.


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