Monday, February 4, 2013


I assume everyone survivd the big Super Bowl Sunday!  It was not a big deal at our house, in fact I didn't even know who won until this morning.  Time was, when I was back home in Washington state, when I was a football fan (Seattle Seahawks), but not so much anymore.  I am rather up to my eyebrows with outrageous salaries for big boys  running around playing with a ball and far out commercials - usually with some sexual inuendos - trying to get you to buy something you don't want or need!  Oh, get off my soap box...........

On our trip to Branson we crossed over in to Arkansas and went North to Missouri.  That entailed going through part of the Ozark Mountains, which are beautiful.  And in these pictures we were actually in the clouds.  It looks like fog, but it was clouds!

I guess I didn't snap the pictures when we were in the midst of the clouds, but you can see how pretty the mountains are.

We had Thanksgiving 2012 at our friends Kathy and John's again.  I love sitting out in their little sun room looking out over the valley.  There is always way to much food, and we eat way to much!  But what a blessing to have such good friends to share the holiday with.

This was my apple/cranberry pie contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.  My favorite!!
And these are my new Gypsy boots I got for working in the yard come Spring time.  Love em.  But I had to buy some heavy socks to wear with them so they weren't so loose.  Got them on sale at Atwoods and I thought they were a good deal at $80.00!
I guess that's enough reminiscing of the recent past for today!  It's almost time to fix supper - grilled pork steaks, salad and baked sweet potatoes.  Our game day fare yesterday was a delicious turkey vegetable soup I made.  It's always nice to have a pot of soup or chili or some such on the burner to help yourself to whenever hunger strikes!  That's one of my favorite ways to eat on a Sunday, game or no.

I'm going back to my volunteer job at the elementary school tomorrow.  I took a couple weeks off hoping the flu epidemic would subside some.  We've had 13 people die here in Oklahoma.  And the school in Porum had 1/5 of its students out with the flu.  They closed school one day and disinfected the whole school...........problem is, they couldn't disinfect the kids too!  Even though I had my flu shot I'm still leary of contacting the germs..........  Wish me luck!  Oh, I forgot to mention that Rooster George is no more.  He was such a sorry looking sight we had to put him out of his misery the other day.  I'm sure the 3 little hens are adjusting quite well...........

Until next time, take care.  See you soon.

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