Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Dinner Theater


This was the last "show" we went to before going home the next day.  It was a dinner show at Yakov Smirnoff's Theater.  And I mean to tell you, the food was excellent.  We were served right in our theater chairs, it was nice and hot, meats were tender, potatoes and veggies just right, we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, and we even had a candle on our tray!  There is an actual Chef on staff at the theater and he did an excellent job preparing the meal right there.  Can't say enough about how good it was.  It was a nice break midway through the show.

We did not see Yakov as he was off traveling somewhere, but the show was very good.  It was about some Russian circus performers coming to America, with of course a young couple in love and a mean sister!  I would certainly recommend the show to people, even families were there.  And we sat middle stage, first row so you know our guys were chosen to "help" the performers!  They loved it!!

These pictures are of the inside and outside of the theater, and of the performers after the show in the lobby where you can get their autograph and pick up the DVD if you purchased one.

This is cousins Kay and Joe from Alabama, standing in front of Yakov's likeness outside.

This is me and Ronnie by Yakov!
Joe, Kay and Me
Inside the lobby - just a portion of it!

Cousin Kay and one of the stars of the show!

Ronnie and one of the stars of the show!

We had a great time at the theater.  There is a nice gift shop of course, and a large concession area.  We saw the show on a Sunday evening, and it was very nice.  So ended our wanderings for the long weekend.  It was time to head home the next morning.  After bidding our cousins goodbye,   Ronnie and I stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before taking off for home.  Would you believe we were the first customers of the day?!  I think it was between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m.
This last picture is the big Indian Chief who stands guard at Big Cabin, Oklahoma.  This is where you connect with Interstate 44 and gets us closer to home.........only a couple hours to go!  I think that's right, but I do know it's near home!

All in all, we had a really nice mini-vacation; and it was so nice to see my cousins!  This was neither of ours first visit to Branson, so we were able to do some things other than all the "shows" and the touristy stuff.  Kind of branch out a little and see the place as a real town!  I highly recommend going to Branson, but take lots of money!
Until next time, take care.

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