Friday, July 6, 2012

New Chair


One day last week I had to go in to Sallisaw and pick up my van from the Ford garage.  It had a major tune up, an oil change, and a repair to a leaky transmission.  Runs like a charm now after it's $900+ fix up!  But you know what?  It's cheaper than buying a new car!  Anyway, after picking it up I decided to stop at a couple places looking for a recliner for myself.

I know, I know!  That is NOT a recliner, but let me tell you, it is sooooo comfortable.  I went in to
a store in the little town of Vian and looked around - nothing.  Then in to another little store right next to the first one.  I saw this chair, with no price tag; so I found a clerk and asked and she said, "Well this one (a different chair) is $80 so this one must be $40"!!  I couldn't believe it!!  I was a few minutes deciding if I wanted to give up on a reciner or not, and then bought this chair!

Come to find out, all the furniture and stuff in that store is used, but this chair was in pretty darned good shape.  The cloth covering on the underneath bottom of the chair was ripped and torn, so I replaced that with some muslin I had here at home, and one arm front of the chair was snagged some.  I took my little, sharp, sewing shears to it and now it looks good as new!~

Then I went in the bedroom and got the little foot stool that wasn't being used.  It was covered in a faux needlepoint flower pattern, so I recovered it with some dark brown material I had.  Now the chair and stool go well with the other chocolate brown furniture in the room.  So, moral of the story is:  why spend at least $250 on a recliner when what I've got for $40 works just as well!  End of story.

That's all for now; until next time, take care and God bless you and yours.

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