Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Outing


My friend Judy and I did our July outing a little earlier in the month than usual.  We ventured out on Friday, July 13th!  and had no mishaps; other than getting overly hot due to the 100+ degree weather!
We went to Muskogee this month and had a great time.  There is an area about 2 blocks long as you come in to the city from the South,  on Main Street, where one side of the 2 blocks is nothing but antique stores.  Oh, did we have a good time!

I was looking in particular for a small table to use next to my new chair, so I would have a place to set my iced tea or cup of tea.  In the very first store I found this $15 treasure:

The legs are metal an the top is wooden.  It is quite distressed, which is fine, and the size is perfect.  Of course, it is really a plant stand (I think) but works great for me.  Where the coffee table is I now have my new chair, so the table fits right in between the TV and my chair.  I love it!

I found this glass pie pan and crock bowl in another store and couldn't resist.  The bowl is now my new "potato salad bowl"; just the right size.  It is a little smaller than the one Judy gave me so now I have a set of 2!  And you can always use another pie pan.

This picture is in one of the shops, and shows a tin dishpan that Judy found and bought.  It's really quite nice.........too bad she saw it first!

But when we went to another antique mall after lunch, we saw another one just like it!  BUT, it was about twice the price so it stayed there!

There was one shop that really made a hit with us:  the owner had set up a table with lemonade and pieces of apple fritters and a comfy chair.  Was nice to have a glass of lemonade and cool down a bit.  Plus, she had displayed a lot of the merchandise being used in different ways.   It was great to get new ideas on how to use old things; and sometimes not so old things!   Then in another shop the owners were putting away a new shipment of shirts/blouses and asked me to try a couple of them on because they wanted to see how true the sizes ran!  This store had tons of costume jewelry and blouses, etc. plus some antiques.  They said their customers were wanting "bigger" sizes so I was the guinea pig so to speak since I wear a 3X.  The ones I tried on were black - which I love - with big silver "bling" decorations.  Judy said they were only $12, so why I didn't buy one is beyond me; but I am going back and get at least one!

After going in all the shops we decided it was time for lunch and a cool down period.  Since Judy's birthday was on the 5th of July, I wanted to treat her to lunch; and she wanted to go to Chili's for Chicken Enchilada (?) Soup which is her favorite.  I may have the name wrong, but she had it regardless.  It was so nice to sit and relax and cool down with food and cold drinks!

Afterwards, we went to one more antique mall type building and looked around.  Judy bought a pogo stick for her grandson.  Gracious!  He's just recovered from a broken leg  :)...................  All in all, it was a great day.  Wonder what we'll do next month????  Judy's son is taking her to Costa Rica the end of this month for 10 days, so it'll probably be later in August when/if we go.   Have fun my friend!

That's all I know for now.  We are facing about 10 days of 100 to 106 temps and I'm telling you, that is HOT!  I even fixed ice water for the chickens!!

Until next time, take care and God Bless you and yours.

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