Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Technically Driving Me Crazy


It has been a few days (12) since I've been able to post a new blog. My server (I hope that's the correct term) decided to put everything over on Google - whether you wanted it or not. And that totally messed up my email and blog and other stuff. It said I didn't have a blog and I could make one if I wanted. Only when I tried to do that, it wouldn't let me. To make a long story short, it made me a google account and my crosstel account and they conflicted and I couldn't do squat!

I spent about 5 hours on the phone, on several days, with the "help/support desk" and they couldn't figure it out or fix it. Then my sister-in-law Mary came to my rescue! She came down yesterday and in less than an hour had me fixed up! Yay Mary!! I'm telling you, I was sooo stressed out from all this I was ready to throw the computer out the window. Tends to make a person think they are nuts!!

Stopped by my friend Kathy's the other day and begged for a bouquet of her Iris -- my favorite flower. It's been so long since I've had fresh flowers in the house. It is really wonderful to see them and appreciate them.

I went to "town" and had my hair cut and permed this morning. What a treat that was - it feels so good. Hope it looks better too! My BF and I are going on our monthly outing tomorrow, so will report on that later.

Oh, almost forgot about this! Last week we were invaded by a herd of cattle! That's just a few of them; I stopped counting when I got past 20. Of course the dogs were in 7th heaven. Take a Border Collie and a Blue Heeler and tell them "go get em" and then just stand back and watch the fun! The cows came back a couple of times and Ronnie finally went to "their house" and reported them! Haven't seen any since, so guess they mended the fence!

Well, that's all I know for this time. It feels good to be able to chat with you all again. Until next time, take care and God's blessings to you.

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