Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicken Update

GREETINGS! I've been lazy, among other reasons, and never posted the two finished chicken houses that were put in up the road about a mile from us. You recall I've posted different phases of the building, and so I thought it was time to post the end product!
I don't know how long these buildings are, but they are huge! They have been done for over a month, so I am assuming there are chicks inside even now. Although driving by them, you cannot see or hear or smell anything! Hope it stays that way.............. Kind of makes me shy away from eating chickens, but wouldn't you know that last night we had a big roasted chicken in the slow cooker; and tonight it's chicken and dumplings! Ahhhh, such is life......... That's all I know for today. Until next time, take care and may God Bless you with his grace and love. I hope that some day soon I'll figure out this new blogging format and know how to have the spaces between paragraphs show instead of it running everything together!!!

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