Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annual Cowboy Picnic


It's been a few days since I've posted, and what do I find when trying, but a whole new way of adding pictures. Which really messed me up (of course it doesn't take much to do that!) and took quite a while to figure out. But I think I've got it half way under control. :)

Anyhoo, on July 9th Ronnie's Single Action Shooting Society club, aka the Rattlesnake Mountain Rangers, had their monthly shoot followed by their annual cowboy picnic. Since it was soooooo HOT, it was held at the home of the Club leader so the "boys" could cool down a bit.

Black River Jack (cowboy name) and his wife, Kathy, live on the edge of a cliff which provides them with an outstanding view of the valley below. See pictures.

Across the valley, just beyond the middle tree line, runs I 40 to Oklahoma City and/or Fort Smith, Arkansas and points in between and beyond!

These two pictures are of the yard - what little there is before the drop off - and show some of Kathy's handyword at pond building and landscaping. It's really quite beautiful and nature friendly.

Kathy also cooked all the vittles for the picnic, and of course they were delicious! Big platters of cold cuts and cheeses, rolls and buns, sloppy joe fixins, potato salad, 5 bean/meat casserole, vinegar/sugared sliced cukes, chips, chocolate cake, ice cream cake, apple cider pie w/sour cream & Cream cheese, and another pie that escapes me! Oh, and iced tea, soda, bottled water, lemonade and coffee. I think I remembered it was sure good, I know that.

And a great time was had by all! Was a kick to see 12 grown men dressed in authentic cowboy gear, seated at the dining table munching away. Guns checked at the door, of course!! :)

I am thankful that Ronnie has a hobby that he is so passionate about. Until next time, take care and God Bless.

P.S. We are still having extreme heat in the 100's with no end in sight. I am also thankful that our air conditioner is holding up to the task!

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Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, this kind of picnic sounds like the best kind! Love your photos! Being from West Texas, I know what you mean about the heat........and we are really suffering from drought. It has been such a hard time! Have a great weekend coming up!