Friday, February 4, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011 ???


The television stations/weathermen are calling this "the Blizzard of 2011". So here are pictures of our blizzard. Don't laugh, we got off easy; up in Tulsa and Muskogee and even a few miles from us it WAS blizzardy!!

This was the temperature Thursday morning about 7:30 a.m. (I couldn't post it last night as my server was down and I had no internet access for about 24 hours.) Anyway, it was kind of cold - I don't know what the windchill factor was..........

This is looking out the front door across the yard to the "orchard". Not bad at all.

And this looking down the driveway to the county road and the driveway where I park my Van. As you can see, it's not bad either.

However, it snowed almost all day today, adding another couple inches of the stuff. And the forecast is for more snow on Sunday and Tuesday or Wednesday. Is there no end? I'm getting cabin fever........what to do!

Before the snow came, Patch found himself a new resting place.........up on one of the straw bales around Tom and Mary's 5th wheel! Maybe it was warmer than the ground.

Frick and Frack did venture out to the store Thursday because we were out of dog food. They said the roads were very icy, but they made it with no problems. Mary was not so lucky when she went out, but all is fine now. I thank God for watching out for all of us.

I hope this finds you all safe and warm. Take care and God bless.

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