Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Getting Closer!


Here it is the 5th of September already.........the last Summer holiday is over, school has started everywhere (I assume), and people are settling down to a routine;  me, I'm just waiting for the temps to drop and the leaves to start turning so I'll know Fall has arrived!  Probably my favorite time of the year.

I took this picture 2 years ago and I still love it.  This is an area just to the left of our front yard and across the driveway.  It is my all time favorite snapshot depicting Fall.

I really don't have anything specific to post about today, just thought I'd better do something for the new month!   I've been doing "normal" housewife things this week; cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, taking care of dogs and the cat, etc.  Had to take Salli's collar off the other night as I noticed an abrasion under her chin.  I guess the collar had rubbed it raw -- too tight maybe.  This Saturday is another trip T-shirt hunting!  And hopefully the flea market will be up and running.

So, I won't bore you much longer; but I want to share this little prayer with you about why I am  Thankful To God.

               My muscles are sore, but they work.
               I did not sleep well last night, but I did wake up.
               My wallet is not full, but my belly is!
               I may not have all I want but I have all I need.
               My life is not perfect, BUT It Is Good!

I have this posted next to my computer and it is a wonderful reminder of how fortunate I am to be where and how I am!  It just makes me content, especially the last line......

Until next time, take care!

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Grammyof13 said...

so sorry to be checking in so late. Love your picture. Thought of you when we crossed over into OK last week. We had a great visit. Always do though. Do you have your house finished like you wanted it, or are you trudging along taking your time.