Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Oh my gosh! Two days in a row! :) That's a good start to the Fall Season.

Last Saturday Ronnie and I took about an 8 hour road trip. We went East on I40 towards Oklahoma City, looking for a Mall that we had stopped at a couple years ago. Unfortunately, we did not find it; I guess it was further than we thought! We drove about 30 miles past where I thought it was, then turned around and headed back. Went to Henryetta and stopped at a WalMart - I was looking for a certain sewing machine. Nothing. So we continued on using state highways as opposed to the Interstate.

This is my new sewing machine, which I finally found in a WalMart store in Okmulgee, OK. My plan is to learn to quilt things like place mats, table runners, pot holders, luncheon cloths, etc., so I thought I should have a sewing machine to make the things to quilt! Now I just have to learn to sew and quilt! :) So far its not going so well, but I'm going to go to a quilt shop and get some help!

We also found a Payless Shoe store in Okmulgee where I was able to get a new pair of mule tennis shoes I'd been wanting. They are not exactly what I had in mind, but will do. Then on through the beautiful countryside to Muskogee and the Golden Corral for supper. Then a stop at our friends house to pick up some embroidery hoops and a chicken table runner that some of you would love! and a short visit; then home. The plan is to make a chicken runner using hers as a pattern. Will keep you posted on that! :)

All in all, it was a great day - after the fussing about where the Mall was! Hope you all had a good day. I am so thankful for what God has provided for me in my later years.

Until next time, take care and be safe.

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Grammyof13 said...

Girl you did great on your sewing machine. I've been collecting/gatheing my sewing supplies to see what I have. I found a treasure I had forgot about. I haven't sewn in so long, I'm having a blast getting back into it. You will do good. half the trip is the Want To! You'll find help.